Sasseta Learnership Agreement Form

About 30% of all learners will be trained in theoretical education and 70% will receive practical training in the workplace. Learning can include self-defense, firearms and physical training. These learning vessels are available in all provinces throughout South Africa. Applicants who wish to apply must do so within their own province. These SASSETA Learnerships are generally available for a period of 12 months to 24 months, and they include a monthly scholarship. Counterfeits of all kinds are not taken lightly. Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted. These candidates may be invited to undergo medical, psychometric or other tests, as required by the company. Applicants are not guaranteed a permanent job at the end of their activity, but some of these institutions may offer permanent employment if they have an opening. Sasseta Profile SASSETA is an institution created to fill the skills gap between future employees and employers through their weight loss, scholarship, training and development programs. The institution uses its training providers to ensure that the general public is more likely to train before they can seek part-time employment. All those who participate in a program led by SASSETA will be subject to a number of work skills, which will be in great demand by the sector at times like this. Not only will this benefit future workers, but employers will have less to worry about finding employees who can follow their line.

In a generation where competition is intensifying, the need for better staff is also at its peak. Regardless of the field and where public and private institutions come from, SASSETA is here to meet these requirements and play an important role in the South African economy. About SASSETA Learnerships 2020-2021, SASSETA offers valuable learning programs for people who want to acquire a career qualification before looking for a job. Working with the Department of Justice, this learning will provide participants with an excellent insight by providing theoretical knowledge and exposure in a work environment. Once SASSETA`s learning capacity is successfully achieved, participants are entitled to an accredited national qualification that, in the eyes of future employers, can become an attractive asset. However, please note that learners in this program do not offer them any guarantee of stable employment in the institution. Learnerships` online application processes will be made available later this year, depending on the company`s needs for more information, you can find HERE on their website. The application must be accompanied by all relevant documents. Qualifications and details will be checked. Successful applicants are contacted and an interview is arranged. Every year, there are many opportunities for active, young and talented personalities.

This apprenticeship program offers a variety of different areas that you should consider when deciding on a career.

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