Sublet Tenancy Agreement Singapore

If you want to sublet your rooms, you can do so without HDB`s prior permission. Note that only rooms can be rented in HDB apartments with 3 or more bedrooms. 1) Can I provide a lease to tenants? 2) Can an apartment be sublet? Second, all subleases must range from the minimum tenancy period of six months to the maximum tenancy period of 18 months (if your subtenant is Malaysian, the maximum tenancy period is increased to 36 months). Before subleting your apartment, make sure your tenants are legally resident in Singapore and meet the non-citizen quota (read more below)! If the tenancy agreement is valid for a fixed term of 2 years and the tenant terminates the contract after 1 1/2 years, the landlord has the right to charge the tenant`s rent for the 6 months not expired. It is therefore in the tenant`s best interest to find a replacement tenant with the landlord`s consent. The lessor is also required to mitigate his loss by finding another tenant as soon as possible. Unfortunately, in Singapore, you are not able to do that. According to HDB, the owner of the unit is responsible for the fact that the subtenants no longer rent the apartment to other people. In this case, we are now only referring to private property! Renting your residential property as a homeowner can be a win-win situation for you and your potential tenants, especially if rental demand increases in Singapore. However, it is just as important to take care of your own interests, whether it is a landlord or a tenant, hence the need for timely legal advice if you want to establish a lease that protects you fairly.

If I rent an entire HDB unit, can I sublet tenants? The noose has been strengthened since 2013 against illegal subletting on HDB real estate. These measures include the establishment of a hefty fine against Flouter and the prohibition of the purchase and rental of HDB dwellings for 10 years. Just last year, an unauthorized real estate agent was fined $16,000 for facilitating an illegal subletting on a housing board. If you want to sublet your entire apartment, you must be a Singapore Citizen who has completed your minimum occupancy time (MOP). Whether your apartment is a BTO apartment or a resale apartment, the MOP is five years; However, if you own a pre-sale apartment purchased before August 30, 2010, look at a shorter three-year MOP. In addition to basic information on the amount of rent, the duration of the rent and other relevant information about the landlord and tenant in the property, the contract should also contain clauses that include themes such as: As usual the need to sublet legally only later, most tenants did not re-hire the subletting. So if you ever need to sublet the place for whatever reason, they should always bring you the owner first. If you have a good relationship with the owner and have a reasonable reason for sub-distribution, there is a good chance that the owner will respond to your request.

Especially if you have been a good tenant (maintaining the property and paying the rent on time). Of course, no landlord will maintain room sharing requests down for subletting to cover your rental costs, so be reasonable! Without the written consent of the lessor, do not give in, sublet or share with the property mentioned or part of the premises. Such consent is not incongruously accepted in the case of a serious and responsible tenant. This prohibition does not apply to the occupation of these premises or part of these premises by persons or persons employed or employed by the tenant or, if necessary, by members of the tenant`s direct family. Be determined to highlight the seriousness of the problem in conducting negotiations with the original tenant. This includes highlighting the legal consequences when tenants deliberately refuse to leave the country, as well as any acts you wish to perform as a landlord (for example. B ask for unpaid rent).

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