Transfer Articulation Agreement Usc

To be more competitive in the pool of candidates, students must take important preparatory courses before the transfer. Students who wish to study science, economics, engineering, architecture or dental hygiene must take more advanced preparatory courses prior to the transfer. In the meantime, we recommend that new Spring Admits use our Find Your Counselor tool to identify the admissions counsellor for the institution you want to take transfer courses from. Your advisor can help you understand how the transfer process works in general and has access to the articulation history of all the courses we have accepted in the past by your transfer institution. You`ll also know what kind of credit we`ve given for certain types of frequently transferred classes, and can make some educated assumptions about what you probably (or won`t) get in The Transfer. Your advisor should be a good resource for you when it comes to predicting your transfer balance for completed courses and choosing courses for the summer or fall before you start. How do I know which transfer classes should be taken in the fall? You can find articulation agreements with many California community colleges that indicate exactly what credit courses are received on the credit transfer site. Please read the entire agreement carefully. USC will respect the transfer balance on these agreements.

The articulation agreements currently show credit for the NEW GE program. Students who arrive under the NEW GE program can use these resources to verify the credit-choice, GE, writing, foreign languages and equivalency of USC courses. We are sorry, but due to our need to quickly process the course work transfer credit assessment for students starting in the fall, prior summer authorization of transfer courses is not available for newly admitted students. Why not online courses? In most cases, online courses receive the same credit in transmission as the classroom version to the issuing institution. However, online or hybrid laboratory science courses do not meet categories 3, D or E and do not deserve to be equivalent to USC laboratory science courses. Online or hybrid foreign language courses are not usc foreign language courses and do not meet language requirements. If you have taken a traditional version of one of these courses at a school where the course is also available online, we cannot guarantee equivalence or credit in advance. Once the course is completed, you will need to provide additional documentation to show that you were registered in the class version of the class.

The documentation usually contains a registration summary and your course program; Please keep copies of all related materials. USC does not need a minimum number of transfer units, but students with less than 30 transferable semester units are evaluated based on their high school records and SAT/ACT scores. Can I transfer study programs abroad? Maybe, but not all overseas programs transferred to USC. Each program of study abroad is different and there are several variables that could influence transfer credits.

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