Usef Entry Agreement

The trainer is defined by USEF as the person in charge of the horse from the age of 18 while at the FairGrounds. The coach is the person who is paid to help you with your horse at the fairgrounds. FOR every entry, USEF needs a coach for a recognized show at the USEF. A bus is not required. Show management: It costs nothing to manage the show to use riding entrances to process entries. This includes contributions submitted and paid for by credit card. Show management does not need a reseller account and does not pay the processing fee charged by the credit card company. Riding deposits cover these costs. Participants: There are two ways to enter a show with equestrian contributions: 1) It costs nothing to create an online entry, print it, add a cheque and send it to the show. 2) To pay online and submit your entry immediately, there is a 5% non-refundable online processing fee. 2) For your second entry answer “Yes” to the same question, then fill out the page and move on to the next step. Once an entry has been filed, the management of the show is the only one that can make changes or refunds.

We do, so we don`t send multiple versions of entries to show management – which would be very confusing. To make changes, you need to contact them directly. You can find your contact information by clicking on the name of the show in the show calendar. If you need to add documents to your entry after transmission, you should also contact ad management. You can download your signature page, coggins and other entry documents such as test results by clicking on the “Documents” tab and clicking “Send at the entrance” and following the instructions. When entering, you will be asked to attach all the documents you want to enter. Please load each signature page, coggins and other documents separately, otherwise the display and printing of entries may be altered. The file size for download is limited to 2MB and the files must be PDF, JPG, JPEG, JPE or PNG files. In dressage, each horse-rider combination must have its own entrance. But not all mandatory taxes are required for both entries (usef drug taxes and administration fees and other horse-specific taxes are not all required) Step 5 (Taxes and Donations) There is this question: Unfortunately, once an entry is deposited/paid, it cannot be changed by EqEntries.

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