Willow Park Tenancy Agreement

A start-up rental agreement is the rental contract that you will have in the first twelve months of your activity as a real estate. If you wish to terminate your lease in a property, you must cancel at least 4 weeks in writing. We need to know if your name has changed to update your records. You can change a common lease into an individual lease or individual lease into a common contract. Providing some of the information we requested is part of a “contractual requirement.” Without this information, we cannot accept a request for services. For example, we can`t see if you`re entitled to a lease or check if an app is fraudulent without being able to verify your identity. I am recently at Willow Park inba two-room apartment and I was the best step in the experience of the lease and lease to all the employees with whom I came into contact were very nice and willing to help. The crèche is very nice and friendly. I have and will recommend this apartment complex to my friends and family. This apartment is fake old apartment and people managers they are like crazy Don`t understand, it`s all wrong here so careful, so make sure you pass into it only whiteout warning everything, thank God I`ve already completed my 1 year deal So the Manegmet is bad I can say be always careful before you`ve moved here. Don`t move here for my advice.

The Manchester Tenancy Fraud Initiative is now underway at Willow Park. Together with 16 other housing companies across the city, we are committed to fighting fraudsters who abuse our properties. This has no impact on the amount of rent calculated each week, and it is always payable more than 50 weeks of the exercise according to your rental agreement. We regularly use your contact information to send you information and contact you about your rental/rental/service contract. As a customer, we also inform you of events in your area. If you have a preferred contact method, you can let us know, but we will use all available contact options if we need to contact you in case of emergency or apply the terms of your rental/rental. There are certain circumstances in which a tenancy agreement can be moved from one person to another or from a tenant to a single tenant. Update July 2020: Employment Promotion Privacy Policy When processing information involves members of the household, it is in our legitimate interest to do so, for example. B to ensure that we understand all the legal effects that a process can have. We have 30 calendar days in which we can provide you with the information you have requested (although we will try to provide it to you as soon as possible).

In response to SARs, we provide you with a copy of your information. This generally does not include information about your property, such as repair protocols, details of contract visits or general information on property maintenance, as this probably does not represent your “personal information.” It is in our legitimate interest to understand how we do our job in order to achieve our vision and objectives, and to measure the impact of our services. To comply with our legal obligations, treatment is necessary for anti-fraud purposes. If we cannot confirm their identity, we may not be able to provide you with services. If someone asks for information on your behalf, they need written confirmation from you to prove your consent so that we can release them and the ID card (yours and his).

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